Someone has found an interesting connection with Sara Latham and The Portland hospital in a video.
It’s listed on youtube under *Real* royal birth certificate… It’s *who* you know,,not what

I always found it strange they were at The Portland when other places were closer. Maybe this video will help people looking into things.

I hope JD feels better soon,

The Cambridge nature pictures were in stark contrast to the Sussex anniversary ones.

Hi anon.

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us. There are some things that don’t add up. They surely didn’t go to that hospital and Harry lied about that.

Well this shows that they probably used a surrogate but it’s going to be very difficult to find out where Archie was born. I am thinking that the child was born at a location which they don’t want to name and They announced The Portland to shut the media down as questions began to arise.

Have a great day anon and thanks for sharing😊🙏👍❤️

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