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Does anyone have any thoughts on the Express article this week that’s titled “Meghan Markle Shock claim:Duchess was not the only woman Harry was dating when they first met?” It also mentions briefly that Meghan may have still been with Cory when she started dating Harry.

On a side note, Meghan’s Mirror is promoting a bikini fit for a beach trip that looks remarkably like the bikini she was wearing at her beach parties when she married Trevor in 2011.




Hi, anon.

Here is the article. The Express has slowly turned its tune publishing info like this. I wonder what happened? They were praising MM before the wedding. Maybe they are not receiving info from MM’s PR team like they were. MM was Seeing Cory at the time they met back in 2016 but also Harry was in a short term relationship with Sarah Ann Macklin. She came out towards when the news broke and stated that it was over between Harry and her as the news broke about Harry dating Meghan. DM had published an article about this. There is a pic of her and a friend the day before the 2017 Audi Polo where they are holding a banana like a phone. It was aimed at MM as they were making fun of her.

I haven’t caught up with Meghan’s Mirror. But we know that MM is using them to sell fashion accessories which she has worn. I wouldn’t be surprised if that Bikini is from back in 2011 while she was with Trevor.

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