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Hi Felix,

I hope all is well and not too cold in Melbourne.

I have been taking a break for a few weeks while MM on mat leave. Its been nice. Harry seems to be taking something of a break as well, getting away from MM as fast as he could after the baby was born.

To the anon asking about Harry dating, there was not only Sarah Macklin, he was also seen getting very cosy with a pretty blond girl in about July 2017 at the Killers concert in London. That was when we hadnt seen MM in a while.

Now we also know thanks to the British press that MM has been chasing a rich British guy for years, all while dating Cory. Followers of the saga already knew this but now the general public knows.

As an anon said, Harry followers on another blog were quite distressed that MM was at TTC. People should realise that BRF will suppot MM whilever she is with Harry. It doesnt mean that all is well behind the scenes.

I did note MM seems quite as isolated as usual in the family group, and seemed to be openly talking to herself as usual. It must be quite unnerving to witness it in person.


its good to see that you took a break from this boring drama as nothing has really happened apart from the state visit with Trump and now the Trooping.

Its freezing in Melbourne at the moment. We had a nice sunny day today but we are expecting heavy rain with strong winds tomorrow. I hope you are keeping warm as NSW weather is 100 times better all year round.

I agree MM didn’t look to happy from the pics which I saw of her standing on the balcony. I’m pretty sure that she wanted to be standing at the centre like last year but this year they where showed in the background.

True Harry was photographed talking to the blonde at the Killers concert in 2017 and if you remember NSW we got an article in the DM with MM back in Toronto returning to her house from the Suits set where she looked like she had been crying a lot.

Now regarding those certain blogs that where shocked that she was at trooping over the weekend. It blows my mind that they still haven’t caught on that MM is part of the BRF. You and I both know as long as MM is Harry’s wife she will be attending Royal family events like TTC and the BRF are going to support her like they have till date. As you stated above things might not be going well behind the scenes but the BRF are good at making things look rosy in the public eye.

Have a wonderful evening NSW😊🙏❤️👍


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