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Hi Felix,

I have been pondering the British press and their strategy. It has been quite brilliant. All familiar with the saga have been expecting, and some hoping, for a big bomb to drop. However, that strategy was just as likely to backfire with Harry and MM possibly gaining a lot of sympathy. There has instead been a coordinated strategy of gradual media exposure, with no way back for the Harkles unless they change their ways.

Pre and post wedding -sycophancy going beyond over exposure so everyone has had enough.

Post Pacific tour – Tales of Meghan the workplace bully forcing people to leave in tears and barking orders at 5am. We have all seen and/or experienced workplace bullies so that story/ media angle really resonated. It is an ongoing saga so people continue to dislike MM.

Me-gain Spenderella – At a time of doing it tough and political chaos fuelling insecurity, the Harkle extravaganza is very unpopular. Clueless Meghan fanned the flames with the baby shower frenzy followed up by the Clooney private jet.

Meghan the ghoster – Astute followers realised this early but Piers really revved it up a notch with tales of abandonment and interviewing Thomas. Once again Meghan only made matters worse by dragging her mystery friends in to gang up on Daddy, allowing Daddy to protect himself by showing MMs manipulative letter. There are too many other ghost victims to deny this narrative – MMs family, her husbands and her pre plastic surgery face.

My guess is the BRF saw this getting more damaging by the minute and the Markles may have received payoff. (with Thomas never being allowed to see the baby.)

Now we have social climber Meghan becoming Meghan desperately determined for a British rich guy. We’re not talking aristocrats or political movers and shakers, we’re talking reality stars and other low level celebs. So so embarrassing for Harry and I think this is the story that has finally pierced his thick skull.

Now that has died down we have unpatriotic Meghan, refusing to see Trump but celebrating the Queens birthday. Many Americans are expressing disgust and once again Piers article gets a big response. This may not help the Harkles’ US commercial aspirations.

No media bombs needed, just a steady stream of highlighting the latest Harkle silliness. Her PR is now helpless.


That’s the way I see it. All of a sudden the express is on the attack. Piers Morgan has been at it for a while as MM must of promised him the world when she met him in 2016 and failed to deliver and Katie Hopkins in her podcast criticised MM. So slowly we are seeing more negative coming out from the the tabs which praised her a few months ago.

Its only going to get better from here. So let’s enjoy the show.

thanks For the awesome post NSW😊❤️👍🙏


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