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Hi Felix,

Sorry but one last one for the night as I wanted to comment on the Trump visit without going in to Politics.

Whether people like Trump or not he is the democratically elected US President. He was representing the US to honour one of the greatest and most important days in history – D Day and the start of the liberation of Europe. That point seemed to be lost on some. This is always why the BRF must remain politically neutral, something the younger Royals need to learn;

Also, I wanted to know your take on Steve Mnuchin accompanying Kate to the Palace dinner. I seem to recall he was named by Enty as one of MMs pay for players. Very intriguing!


That’s ok NSW.

I agree there TRUMP has been elected to as the president and for the BRF to stay relevant they need t stay neutral when it comes to Politics. We know that Prince Charles has struggled with that in the past couple of years and it will be interesting to see when he gets to sit on the Throne what he will do regarding addressing Political Issues.

Now Regarding Enty. Enty has made many claims since the beginning of Harry and Meghan’s Relationship and before this many other celebrities. To date, I haven’t seen anything come true that Enty has published. Is it just me or can you agree with this? Enty might be good with Celebrities but this is the Royal Family and they work differently.

Now according to Steve Mnuchin been MM’s pay for Players is there any proof to that?


Have a great day NSW😊❤️🙏👍

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