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Hi Felix,

So good to see Jeffrey Epstein being exposed. It seems like there will be many high profile names to fall and things are snowballing already. There will be blowback on Prince Andrew for sure, though I suspect he will come out of this generally unscathed.

Little Archie is cute and I think he looks like MM and Thomas. The energy in the family christening photo was terrible. It wasnt just William. MM looked upset and Doria looked sour furious and also like shed been crying. Lady Jane looked aristocratic and a bit dismissive. I bet MM and Harry were told they had to have the photo to appease the press and public , and Harry and MM were bunging on a blue right up to the last minute.

Now we have the story from a reliable BBC figure that an RPO asked her not to take photos of MM at Wimbledon as she is there in a private capacity. I believe this. Yesterday Skippys site had footage of MM and her friends at Wimbledon. MMs friend appeared to be saying to MM ” put your hat on” which she did. Lindsay then told MM to act happy and MM then clasped her hands and smiled, saying something like ” Ive got this.” MM looked not only quite unkempt for a VIP Wimbledon appearance, she also looked a bit unhinged. Her friends were treating her like a baby! Perhaps she is unravelling.

The press are really getting revved up on this hypocritical privacy stance. Firstly, MM is funded by the BRF and British public. She and her friends are US citizens on British soil, at one of the worlds most high profile sports events televised globally. She and her friends are no doubt there courtesy of the British taxpayer. No wonder the press are calling her out.

I think this madness for privacy has nothing to do with wanting to be private. I think it is only about money, trying to control the release of photos so that they can command maximum price for their merching.

I notice Soho promotion is on the agenda again now that Archie is born.

Hi, NSW.

interesting times are coming with the Epstein case underway. I am waiting to see all the names that will arise as this case continues. It’s going to be interesting to see how PA is going to get out of this? But I am with you PA is to protected to get his name dragged down with the others.

Now regarding the Christening pics, Archie is cute but many believe that the pics have been photoshopped. I saw a post on tumblr where the metadata from the pics is from May and not from last weekend. So something suspicious is going on there. Plus did you notice on how happy everyone looks in those pics? I started laughing when I saw them because that’s what I noticed first. The miserable looks on everyone’s faces apart from Meghan and Harry’s.

What was with her at Wimbledon? She looked so uncomfortable in the pics and in the video which  I saw, her friends where directing her on what to do. Very strange behaviour. I reckon she must be unrevalling. Let’s see how long she can live like this before cracking. I don’t give her to much longer before a divorce announcement gets published.

Now regarding privacy, that’s pure BS. If MM wants privacy she should of not become a Royal in the first place. We both know that MM is exactly like Harry they both love the cameras but cry about privacy when it doesn’t suit them. Pure hypocrisy.

Have a great evening NSW.😊❤️🙏👍

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