Well, it seems that Harry had the press kicked out of his event today. The royal reporters are not happy. Time to stop covering the Sussexes. Leave them to their IG account.
Really tired of seeing everything being called “racist”.
Their supporters want the press to cover Andrew. I suppose they will when there is something specific to cover. Until then, it would just be putting out the same info. that’s been reported for years.
What is behind all this? This seems a distraction for something, probably beyond even Epstein, Nxivm, Brexit, etc.

Hi, anon

I heard about Harry banning the media from entering his engagement earlier today. It doesn’t look good for him as he who loves the media is yet again playing games with them. I think that the media should not cover anything to do with the Sussex’s and just focus on other Royal Members and their Royal Engagements. Watch how fast Harry and MM will complain about not getting coverage as they are working Royals. You got to love how MM Stans are still using the R-word even though they have been told over a thousand times that this has nothing to do with race.  They still can’t accept it. LMAO!

There is something going on behind the scenes but no one knows apart from the Royal Family and the people who work for them as none are spilling any info to the media. We had speculated in the past that this could be a cover-up for PA but it’s too early to find out the real truth.

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