Sussex fans

It’s about 11:40 pm Friday night in the UK right now.
The Sussex fans seem to have something brewing that’s coming very soon.
The fixated list thing may be involved based on the blurbs I’m seeing. Going after the Royal reporters and Piers Morgan led by whoever is the owner(s) of the PR about writing, life, and strong. Do we have any idea who these people are?

Some are saying Meghan is a CIA plant.

Oh for the days without deceit and lying…….

Sorry for this ramble. So much craziness going on.

Hi, anon.

It’s so natural for MM Stan’s to be going after these reporters now that they have started to ask questions. The question is why weren’t they going after these reporters from the beginning? As we know most of these reporters where lying through their teeth about events that never took place before the engagement which means that her fans where totally happy believing in fantasy but from the moment reporters have pointed out certain things they are on the attack. It’s so Predictable.

I love that “MM is a CIA plant” LMAO!!! Where do they come up with these nonsense theories? I agree anon there is a lot of craziness going on at the moment.

have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏


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