It’s Sunday night in the UK..
The Lion King happened. The look Meghan wore would have looked good if the dress fit her properly and wasn’t tearing in places. Yellow carpet instead of a red one.

Either Meghan, her PR firm, or her fans are taking a regular person to court this week for copyright infringement. We’ll see how many more lawsuits show up.

By the way, does Olivocarne restaurant at 61 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9PP UK have any significance? Saw it on one of the fan twitter accounts. Just wondering if anyone reading here knows if that has something to do with all of this mess.

Congrats to the Wimbeldon winners. The men’s final was quite something. I may have to put it up there with Connors/Krickstein U.S. Open match.
Congrats to England winning the cricket world title.

Hi, anon.

I saw her at the Lion King Premiere. She looked awful trying hard to act like a big celebrity. I agree the dress size of that dress she was wearing is 5x larger than her body size and she looked like an absolute clown.

I didn’t know about any lawsuits MM or her fans are placing on regular people for copyright infringements. For those lawsuits to be valid these so-called normal people would need to be making $$$ of these copyright pics. Plus if you use a pic of them place a link of where you got the pic.

Olivocarne restaurant at 61 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9PP UK. I have never heard of this restaurant. Could it be the same restaurant back December of 2016 where MM was interviewing a chef for her Tig blog??

Congrats to Novac and Samantha as they are the 2019 Wimbledon Champions. 2 great final matches.


Have a great day anon😊🙏❤️👍


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