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Hi Felix,

A story is doing the rounds eg Charlatan Duchess, Talking Tarot etc that does not show Harry in a good light.

There was a big memorial concert in Deal Kent on 14 July for 11 Royal Marines who were blown up by the IRA 30 years ago. Prince Harry ( who is Captain General of the Royal Marines) was invited to the memorial 11 months before the event. Harry’s office replied 1 month before the event that he was booked out for the next 6 months. Where was he instead of the memorial? The Lion King premiere giving MM her red carpet moment with Bey.

I am sure most British and Irish will remember that bitter conflict. Harry’s own family experienced this with the murder of Lord Louise Mountbatten and his family by the IRA. Do your job media and expose these spongey ingrates who are obsessed with PR and being seen.


Hi, NSW.

I know I reblogged a post on Tumblr about Harry and his miss to this special event. As we see Harry has become a Celebrity and not a Royal. I do hope that the media go after him for this as he now is a patron for the Royal Marines. There is no excuse for missing an event like this for a Movie Premiere. It’s pretty sad to see the real Harry. What I laughed at is where Harry’s office stated that he is booked out for six months. He has managed to do 1 event per week. So I don’t consider that booked out.

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