Youtube, Q, and blinds

This just gets crazier.
The you know who group have gone to youtube about videos with H and M content. They’re getting them shut down or at least demonetized.
The RRs are pretty silent. This is soooo strange.
Angelica linked to governments and trafficking ? The Queen, royals and monarchies Diana’s suspicious death?.
Epstein seems to be the key. Possible naval ship off his island. Lots of floodgates seem to be opening.
Who is going to be left standing when this mess is done?

Can we please just have the truth?


Hi, anon.

That’s what we are here for to find out the truth. And if you look closely at the Royals and these high celebrities you see that they are corrupted and dirty as more news is getting leaked on a daily basis regarding the Epstein case. Just sit back and enjoy the show as many more names will be exposed in the coming months,

Have a great day anon😊❤️🙏👍


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