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This is about a post on your tumbler. Sorry I don’t know how to post a link up, the video is titled ” They used us as props: Duchess discounts charity w/phone fashion line. It’s on YouTube.
The fashion line is she’s going to make some high-end clothes with Misha Nonoo to sell. Anytime a piece is purchased from that line, a cheap piece is given at Smart Works. Someone also was selected to come to Smart Works on the day Meghan was there. It was a photoshoot for Meghan with everyone being told to keep out of the way and not speak to her. The lady did get her two hours of consultation and two bags/pieces of clothing which she was grateful for, but she now understands the critics off . Meghan having experienced her poor behavior and attitude for herself.

Hi, anon.

Thanks for sharing this with me. I didn’t know anything about this but doesn’t surprise me as she and Misha are great friends. As you mentioned above Meghan has a very bad behavior as she has shown that everywhere she has gone. I wonder why everyone who attended was asked not to speak to her? Where they trying to keep her behavior hidden???

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