Meghan’s age

Can you clarify Meghan’s age for us?
I’ve read .Samantha Markle said .Meghan was 15 years younger than her. As she is 54 and a half at present (born .November. 1964), that means .Meghan was born in 1979 making her 40. But, articles from Ninaka Priddy and others gave ages that were then changed to younger ages. other places have her age and birthdate differently so that she’s reported to be anywhere from 51 to 38.

Adding to that, no one seems to be able to pin down the soap commercial or Linda Elkerbie interview with her. Supposedly she was interviewed at home for the show, but there isn’t any footage online;only a group setting with her classmates. Where is the footage of the classmates talking?

She also gives different accounts that don’t add up either. The LA RIiots were Apiril/May 1992. Gloria Allred didn’t make splash until Nov 1992 and Hilary wasn’t First Lady of the U. S. until Jan. 1993 when Bill was inaugurated. So many things just not adding up. I’ve also never seen her in her Northwestern U. cap and gown which are required attire for graduation. Someone went back through Northwestern ‘s courses from that time and they didn’t offer a degree in International Studies the so how could shge have a degree in that?
Any answers or clarifications are greatly appreciated. Thank you😀

Hi, anon.

You are correct. No one can clarify her age as many stories have been told. It appears that she could be in her early forties after what her sister said about her being 15 years younger than her at the age of 54. False info from a lot of people

Now regarding the interview about the soap commercial and the letter sent to Hillary Clinton back in 1992 we had found out that it was a class project and MM made it out that it was solely her that wrote and sent the letter. I remember having the video on my old blog.

Again regarding Northwestern, she was listed to that degree as we found out but she was not on the list for students graduating in the year she claims. Now I believe that was the year she went off to Spain with an older man as there is a pic of her on a yacht and another on a balcony of her looking out at the Mediterranean.

She has managed to hide a lot of things as she was getting ready for the statement to come out in 2016 from the palace as she knew that the media will dig up dirt on her.

Have a great day anon😊❤️🙏👍


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