In seeing all the false stories from Hollywood, I did a bit of googling.
According to the Beard Club (see twitter), Amal Clooney, Heidi Klum, Sarah Ferguson, and Meghan Markle are/were beards for homosexual men (yes that includes Andrew and Harry and Trevor). It swings the other way, too.
Adam Bidwell is Harry’s love. There are many many names on their list.

Since PR sets up faux romances/marriages/families for celebs, this is not out of the realm of possibility.
Does anyone have any knowledge/proof of these assertions? It would certainly explain a fair bit of what we’ve been seeing play out.

Could Meghan’s birthday of 4 August play into this? Obama has questions about his birth and history as well, born on 4 August. Both the same birthdate as the late Queen Mother (4 August 1900-30 March 2002). Coincidence?

Again, we’re looking for the truth.

And, Happy Birthday to Princess Beatrice.

Hi, anon.

Most of these are rumors that have been around for a while but no evidence to prove any of these are true. Plus as we see Trevor Englestein has recently remaried. I am not counting anything out on what you have stated above but we need some solid proof which is pretty hard to get.

Happy Birthday goes out to Princess Beatrice..

Have a great day anon😊🙏❤️👍


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