Philip supposedly just went to Balmoral so Sarah left.
Now this strange thing someone on twitter posted from a board…

Royal Funeral Imminent
I work in British press and we’ve just got notice of what is called a “BRIDGE” event. We don’t know who it is yet, but we’re told that a Royal Funeral is being prepped to be held 8 days after the announcement of the death. Speculation is its Prince Philip, The Queen, or Prince Andrew the Pedo. Screencap this.

False info or some truth? Perhaps Philip went early because his health is that poor although it seems strange that he’d be traveling. Very strange things happening.

Hi, anon.

WOW!!! this is quite interesting and we have to wait and see if it’s true. If this is true you would think that it’s Prince Philip due to his age as the ueen was photographed with Andrew going to Church. Let’s wait and see if any news will ome out in the next couple of days.

Have a great day anon😊❤️🙏👍


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