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It seems that the PR Life Write person is or was in London. Onto the next phase of a project.
The pro Meghan/Harry crowd are talking about plants and private investigators in the royal reporter/British media pool.

Do they realize the connections that Lindsay Roth and Sara Latham have to this mess with Epstein, Clintons, Obamas, etc.? Not saying they explicitly did anything wrong, but they do have connections such as Sara being in Epstein’s black book apparently.

There are just so many connections, twists, and turns involved in all of this. The truth is so much simpler.

And it’s all going to send them to hell if they don’t sort themselves out before their judgements by God. See the Ten Commandments as discussed briefly in a previous post.

Has Meghan been looking heavy to make a deal about a weight loss book/program ala Sarah Ferguson? Her weight has seemingly fluctuated a fair bit over the years based on the pics avaiable online.

The Epstein death story keeps changing now. He died while on suicide watch. No really possible. then we heard he’d been taken off suicide watch. Where was his supposed cell mate? Then he was being guarded but they didn’t follow procedure and check on him every thirty minutes, but that doesn’t fit the suicide watch info we’ve heard.

Round and round we go. Balmoral up next as it’s a Sunday there and time for church and shooting (opens today I think).

What next?

Hi, anon.

Great post as your post before. As you stated they are all connected in some way or another through friends but as we see Harry and Meghan are making fools out of themselves and the media has begun to ask questions whilst publicizing negative articles on them. I haven’t heard about this weight loss book program but again nothing surprises me about her. Always trying to promote herself like a celebrity then do her royal duty.

Regarding Epstein, it was reported here on the news that he was on Suicide watch an now the FBI has been called in to investigate how was he able to commit Suicide.

Have a great day anon.😊❤️🙏👍


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