Harry hung out at the google camp event. While being eco conscious and telling all of us about how horrible we are and need to take care of the environment, these attendees were flying in on private jets, whizzing around on huge yachts, etc. all of which probably caused a huge amount of damage to the environment they claim to care so much about. Apparently with them it is all “do as we say not as we do” while they make loads of money from the PR stunts.

I think Eugenie’s approach was more sensible. Try to reduce your personal and family usage of plastics, specifically single use ones, as much as possible.

Since this is about saving the planet, the earth as we know it is supposed to end. Back to Christianity we go such as “heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word…” or “I shall be with you all days even to the consummation of the world…” , etc. In other words, the planet as we know it is supposed to end . (Care and don’t intentionally screw over huge portions of the planet as you need it to survive at present, but don’t go overboard trying to save it either.) Current projects and legislations at the governmental levels are just money and power grabs.

Meghan has many connections such as with Weinstein, Ratner, and Mnuchin according to rumors.
She posted being at St. Bart’s at a hotel (owned by Pippa’s in laws) in 2014.
She also posted pics of her with Gabor Jurina in early 2016 for her Worldvision thing. He worked for/with Jean-Luc Brunel’s MC2 agency in Miami.
This Plan International they just chose for their IG follow has counts of child abuse against employees. Wasn’t it Worldvision that also had abuse claims leveled against employess.
It seems no matter which person you choose to look into, they have connections that keep intermingling with everyone else.
We can’t forget Epstein’s brother Mark who has serious connections.

What a dark immoral world these people spend their time in. It’s time for the truth to shine its light on all these horrible things. I hope we get some of it soon.

Now we wait to see who/what beneficiaries there are for all of Epstein’s monies/properties. Supposedly a couple of his money men have lawyered up.

Have to include this. Some think Epstein was CIA or Mossad or something. Some now say perhaps Andrew was a spook and this is their payback for him messing something up.

Hi, anon.

totally agree. They are all corrupt. We will see how far this investigation is going to go now that Epstein was successful in taking his own life under a suicide watch. What I heard on the news is that they will continue the investigation but doesn’t surprise me as what you stated above that everyone involved in this lawyering up.

Let the truth come out as that’s what we all want to see.

Have a great day anon.😊🙏❤️👍



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