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That elephant pic that they posted on their IG has reappeared again.
It is believed that the man and woman in the picture are actually Dr. Mike Chase and Dr. Amanda Salb.

Can anyone confirm who actually is in that picture?

OT-if you can post without infringement, here’s one of the pics people think may include Meghan and Andrew. If not, perhaps you can find one that’s ok to show now that you know about it.

Also making the rounds is the George Clooney introduced Meghan to Andrew and Sarah years ago. How many ways are these people connected?


Hi, anon.

Here is the pic of Andrew?? on the yacht.










As we see from the pic above that woman standing is NOTMeghan. Plus when was this pic even taken????

Second pic 👇👇👇









The way I see it is that if MM was connected to people in Toronto through Suits and Soho house. Now the only way she would be connected through Clooney to meet people like Andrew would have been as an escort which again there is no substantial evidence of this.

The Pic of the Elephant.

















Look it Looks like Harry in the pic above but the woman is NOT Meghan. You need a trained professional to be standing that close to an Elephant’s tusks and mouth even if it’s temporally being put to sleep. Meghan isn’t a trained professional and let’s be realistic she wouldn’t even go 10 feet close to an animal of that size. Do you remember the Royal event they both attended last year with the Pony and Meghan stepping back because of her fear?



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