If you check out @TheHimmmm on twitter you’ll find info on Ghislaine and Epstein mess (three part article).

This regarding Trump’s UK visit and Meghan:

4chan had a post about Epstein’s death approx. 40 minutes before it was made public. Now they have to investigate that to see who did that.

Harry. Meghan, and Archie supposedly had a holiday in Ibiza,

Pro Sussex fans are going to avoid having anything to do with the antis including the media.

The connections that keep coming out about all these people….it’s always “who you know”, isn’t it?

There’s footage on youtube of the FBI going through Epstein’s property on his island. A drone is watching them and they eventually cover the windows so the drone can’t see. (The article about GM and JE mentions he owned yet another island which people are guessing is likely Venezuela or Cuba.)

So much for a quiet month with the royals on vacation and people in the U.S. on summer vacation.

Hi, anon.

A lot of things are happening at the moment and it’s quite tru it’s who you know in this world. It was reported that the FBI was at Epstein’s island doing their investigations but doesn’t surprise me if Epstein has another few islands which none of us know. I didn’t hear about the drone but that’s interesting.

It’s quite interesting to see that 4chan had a post 40 minutes before Epstein’s death was revealed. The only people who would have known are the prison guards and a few high profiles. I would also love to know who that person is who posted on 4 chan.

Regarding the Sussexe’s having a holiday in Ibiza it was mentioned but no pics have emerged. If they did go I am shocked that MM didn’t call her paps to get some family time pics to show the world.

Have a great day anon😊❤️🙏👍


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