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Well they are really piling it on. Putting PIs and plants in with the royal reporters, making a list of all her accomplishments pre- Harry, videos to show “racism” card against her, this student stuff on the upcoming tour, etc.

jhnijuAs far as we know, there was no international studies degree offered when she was attending NWU. She apparently has a Bachelor’s degree from the School of Communications. There are no known pictures of her attending her graduation from NWU in her cap and gown. Ones seen online are not from NWU. Why NWU? Possibly because Diana attended there to help the university and was seen wearing an NWU sweatshirt?

Her uncle helped her get the internship and she apparently failed the test.

People said the French she spoke in Morocco was basic high school level.

Her “calligraphy” may actually exist, but what we have seen in letters she’s written posted on line are not calligraphy. They are cursive with some fancy flourishes in a few places.
Her humanitarian work was very limited as was her UN speech that gave a different version of her soap commercial.
Her pay on Suits was likely in the $10k-$15k per episode based on numbers we’ve heard. then you subtract taxes, agents and management fees, etc. The house in Toronto was a furnished rental from the Suits team as part of her paycheck.
She did lots of traveling to places. How did she pay for these? Were they merching engagements?
How did she pay for things prior to Suits as her work was very limited and at standard pay levels.
She absolutely knew who Harry was prior to their meeting. A number of examples exist that attest to this.
When exactly did she meet Harry? Who introduced them?

I think the point has been made.

So we move along to an objective standard which some on both the pro and anti sides agree with. Christianity.
It has come up again with someone saying Meghan has authority and commanded the stage so to speak just like Jesus spoke with authority against the Pharisees and all that.
Well, they need to step back and look at things through the prism of real Christianity. The one from God who gave many Commandments that must be obeyed if you want to go to heaven.
To that end, again, Harry and Meghan are committing adultery. Period. Marital relations are only allowed between husband and wife during their marriage. Anything else is fornication or adultery. In other words, hell awaits. The same applies to everyone else such as Andrew’s actions, Tim and Anne, Charles and Camilla, Diana with Dodi and others, etc….That is God’s view.
With the steady stream of horrible offensive behaviours coming out of Hollywood, from politicians, in schools, etc… they really need to stand back and see the big picture. The world is a cesspool of filth and corruption against God’s Laws. Their continued support of Harry and Meghan’s relationship makes them complicit in Harry and Meghan’s serial adultery and prevents them all from attaining heaven.
The same goes for all the other violations of God’s Commandments happening basically 24/7/365 for millenia by nearly everyone, themselves included.
The puppet masters are counting on us being useful idiots in implementing and furthering their plans. It’s going brilliantly for them. So many lost to hell for eternity.
If they are Christians as they say, they need to evaluate things from God’s perspective (which has absolutely nothing to do with racism). Then perhaps they’ll see this is all a waste of time and actually harmful and instead turn to doing God’s Will and obeying His Commandments so they can attain the Beatific Vision which we have all been created for.
Sorry to bring this up again, but people really need to see that those in charge are hell bent on destroying absolutely everything which is happening at an ever increasing pace. Civilization, mankind, humanity are in their death throes at present.
Think of it this way: A frog in a pot of boiling water will jump out immediately as it knows that is something that will kill it while a frog in a pot of water that is slowly heated to boiling will trick the frog as it won’t sense the danger usually until it’s too late. Most people are the frog in the pot slowly heated.
That is where people are with the Harry and Meghan show- the water slowly heated. Unfortunately.


Hi, anon.

Quite true. Regarding Adultery between Harry and Meghan, we can’t say anything as we have no evidence. Unlike Charles who admitted it in an interview many years ago before he and Diana divorced. We know Meghan has committed adultery in the past as in 2011 when he joined Suits whilst she was married she had a relationship with a hockey player. But saying that it wouldn’t surprise me if they are both committing adultery at the moment on each other. We just have to wait and see if anything comes out in the future.

I still can’t believe that her minion are still pushing racism. That is so old and didn’t work in the past let alone the future.

Have a great day anon.😊❤️🙏👍

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