Well the pro Sussex fans are saying they didn’t go to Ibiza.
There are articles with some grainy pics that are supposed to be them going to France with Archie. No movement from the baby yet. Dressed warmly as well. Isn’t it summer there?

So, what is going on? Intentionally misleading royal reporters and the general public? To what end? Who is behind it?
If allegations are true, Andrew, Sarah, Harry, Meghan, and others are going to be on the trash heap. Forget making money off this mess. People are totally revolted by such actions against children and aren’t going to show any sympathy. If with adults, it’s still appalling and sinful behavior.

Hi, anon.

It was reported by the media that they traveled to Ibiza and now using a private Jet in the same week to travel out of the UK. What I do love about the media is them calling out the Sussexe’s for wanting privacy whilst still spending UK taxpayers money to take these luxurious trips which aren’t work-related. Now the movement of the child we can’t see due to them being still pictures. To determine that we would all need to see video footage.

I totally agree with you. Take them all to the trash heap as they are all making money off this and many people like you and I are sick of this circus

Have  a great day anon😊👍🙏❤️


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