pics of H&M

There are a couple of grainy pics of Harry and Meghan with “Archie” coming out of what looks to be a private jet that are viewable on IG. Still no movement from “Archie”.

JD’s posted a bunch of blinds from CDAN. Things don’t look good for a whole lot of people….Drain the Swamp

Hi, anon.

Yes it has been reported that Harry and Meghan have used that private Jet in the same week. They are grainy but as we see it’s clearly them.

Regarding the CDAN blinds, correct it doesn’t look good for a lot of people but I am yet to see anything from these CDAN blinds come out true. So we have to wait and see.


Have a great day anon. Here are the pics😊🙏❤️👍










































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