Harry does a masonic hand sign all the time. Family members are masons:


Mountbattens being exposed. When you did deeper. a fair bit seems to include this group as well as the illuminati, Satanists, etc… Many seem to believe that taking the innocence and such of youth gives them powers, long life, etc…

Some anti- Harry and Meghan fans think Ibiza didn’t happen either due to a lack of pictures. This place they stayed seems to be an advert.

The pro fans have an organized campaign going targeting antis to get them shut down on sm.

Harry, Meghan (and the pro faction) seem to blame everyone and everything except themselves for things not going well for them. They need to look in the mirror. The behavior and attitude is a big part of the problem.

Secrecy or privacy? Since Meghan had to be seen everywhere showing off herself and later herself with Harry and then “bump”, why hide themselves and “Archie” so much now? Doesn’t add up. Do they want privacy after all extroverted outings or is it secrecy since there are far too many questions about them and their meeting and the “baby” which so many think is a doll?

Pics of them (if really them) coming off the private jet and the pics and video of Andrew at Epstein’s in NY? So photographers just happen to be in these places? It seems like they were set ups. The ladies in Andrew’s video did not seem to be children. Who are they? Where are the rest of the pics of this trip to France? Who is the lady in what looks like an apron getting off the jet? Why the Panama hat yet again? The baby seems to be in virtuallt the same position as at polo.

I don’t think The Queen and Andrew at Balmoral was “support”. It’s a normal activity for them and not just at Balmoral.

There must be a huge blackmail power play going on for all this to be playing out.

If sm existed back in the Diana/Fergie days, it would have been them getting all things negative thrown at them from pro and anti fans and the media. Just look how much Eugenie and Beatrice are still insulted and degraded seemingly mostly because of who their parents are.

Trump is supposed to be back in the UK in December.

If this is a “quiet” summer vacation period for the BRF, I think it bodes badly for things starting next month when they will be back to work….

Oh, the pro group is trying to get Madame Tussaud’s license revoked for moving Meghan to the celeb group.
Seriously, they seem to be trying to copyright and trademark everything associated with Harry and Meghan. Take their titles away and let them go for it. Then we can all forget about them as they go off and try to make money every which way the can think of.
Articles are being removed, even from the wayback machine. Why? What don’t they want us to see or read? Many people have items from The Tig. Same for the articles. Is this why tumblr and wordpress will be coming under the same ownership so they can delete them all?

Just for the heck of it, since there’s another article about them wanting Windsor Castle (after Adelaide House, York Lodge, Frogmore House, a country home in the Cotswolds), I remember reading about Nott Cott. It is a two bedroom 1,324 sq ft. home. Surely they could have managed to live there comfortably as William, Catherine, and George did until they moved?

Is Harry just acting out as “the spare” like Andrew?

Hi, anon,

Awesome post and thank you for bringing this to us. It’s all about money as Harry alongside Meghan are both trying to bank of Archie. That’s why they are playing the privacy game. At the moment they aren’t making as much as they expected.

Have a great day anon😊❤️👍🙏


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