Who isn’t involved?

At this point it seems it’s easier to ask who isn’t involved in Epstein’s activities.

Do we think Sarah’s work with Children in Crisis which has merged with StreetChild UK and the York family Key to Freedom Foundation are covers or part of this trafficking? Beatrice’s work with Affiniti in NY? Eugenie’s anti slavery work? Julia supposedly works at Affiniti as well. Didn’t Tony Blair also recently go to work for the company?

If Meghan really did “shag” Andrew before Inskip and Harry, it seems she is up to her ears in this mess as much as the others. Lots of tidbits leaking out now. Will her scrubbed history suddenly be reinstated? As she isn’t a British citizen, she would not keep her royal title yet. I think she has to be “married” for three years for that.

There are far too many versions of her life out there.

Charles has a number of links to this as well. Lord Mountbatten, Jimmy Savile, and Peter Ball (think that’s his name) to start with. Where does he figure in?

Those celebs who recently spoke out for the Sussexes are all represented by CAA. Hmm.

Then, there are all those in the Epstein’s book and travel logs, including Elton John (who wasn’t that close to Diana).

It seems many are just covering for each other as they are all in the same boat.

What of the drugs and alcohol that Meghan and Harry supposedly like so much? Is that an angle? How many were perhaps duped when they were engaging in s*x and then found that during it the person was switched with an underage victim?
What is the end game? Is this just the Elite families duking it out to be top dog? Is this to move the NWO agenda forward more quickly?

The Sussex fans should back off. If this social media existed back in the 80’s and 90’s, we would have seen just as much, and likely even more, pro and anti groups going at each other with Diana, Charles, Camilla, Sarah, Andrew. John B., etc….

Hi, anon.

Great post. I agree there is a lot that is going to come out the months ahead. A lot of people are involved and linked to this but they won’t be able to stay anonymous for too long as the Epstein case continues.. Exactly if Social media existed 20 years ago we would have the same as we have now as it’s called freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Have a great day anon😊❤️🙏👍



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