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HI Felix, Great to see you back.

The Harkles pub trip photos just released on TMZ. Of course the pub was cleared out and pub previously denied they were there. Wonder who released the pics to TMZ?

Did u see the clip of Harry being introduced to the movie producer and saying first up – Meghan is available for roles? These 2 really are celeb desperate arent they.


Slowly returning back which is good. I have a lot of awesome submissions that I will be posting in the next few days including yours. I saw the pics from TMZ. The Pub stated that they didn’t visit So I guess if it’s them there MM leaked it. The problem is that the pics are blurry. From what I saw No pics of MM looking at the camera. and only one decent pic of what looks like Harry while entering the premises.

Regarding the producer, I didn’t hear anything. That is brilliant!! Does that mean that there is a divorce announcement coming up soon? As we all know that MM isn’t allowed to work whilst employed by the citizens of the UK. Or is Harry thinking about stepping down from Royal Duties and is trying to find his wife acting Work?  I can’t see this happening as we all know Harry loves these Royal Privileges.  He just loves whinging to the press.

Have a great day NSW😊❤️🙏👍


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