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Yay! It’s good to hear from you again Felix.

Well it seems the pub visit debacle is back. First we were given reports about the Sussexes at a pub during bank holiday. Then the pub reportedly said they’d not been there. Others saying they were. Now with people catching onto the Smart Works Scheme to make mien for themselves, we have photos surfacing that reportedly show them at the previously mentioned pub as originally reported. It looks staged again to be honest. Where the heck are the other patrons? Shouldn’t the pub have been packed on that day with people being ushered in and out at a fairly rapid pace? Where is the cot that Archie was supposedly in? I see what is supposed to be a baby carrier but no cot ( not that there really would have been a cot/crib brought to the pub). There are Harry and Meghan doubles so it could be them or the real ones on a set up pap walk to try and be legit.
Why did the photos not surface a few weeks ago when it was supposed to have taken place? Why did people check the meta data and fins Sept. 17, 2019? Why was the metadata erased from the photos as someone checked various sites to get the info and found it scrubbed from the photos?

And th have it all happen as Beatrice was at a leadership conference, Eugenie launching a cycling fundraising event from Great Windsor, their SA tour about to happen followed by the Cambridges’ tour and the US and British political scenes heating up?
Oh yeah… and lots of intel about George Clooney and even Ellen de Generes……
The Social media attacks are continuing as well.

Glad you’re back Felix. Looking forward to your thoughts on all this and much more.

Amazing Polly has found a lot of interesting info. as well on YouTube.

What a time to be living!

Hi , anon.

thank you and it’s good to be back. Regarding the pub as we have seen all the pics aren’t clear at all. Now there are a lot of Harry look-alikes out there. It could be them but we will need more pics to surface as Not one pic of MM taken of her from the front. Good question regarding the metadata. We have seen this from the beginning with metadata being erased from pics which makes it suspicious.

I haven’t heard anything about the Clooney Elen De Generous. I need to look that up and find out what is going on. Plus look at Amazing Poly info.

I agree, what wonderful time to be alive as we see this circus becoming a disaster.

Have  a wonderful day anon.😊🙏👍❤️




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