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Attacking JD!!!

This is announcement to all the Children on Skippys blog. I am specifically referring to some of Skippys fans that are going around at the moment attacking JD and involving her in this.  They are attacking her due to what I have against Skippy. I want to make it crystal clear to everyone this is between Skippy and I NOT YOU, so keep JD out of it.  So to all of you skipperretes who want to act tough going around to other bloggers attacking It clearly states where you sit. Just remembere MM fans do the same thing. So it shows me which side you are on acting like MM haters…



IG practicing speech










Here is Harry practicing his opening speech for IG in front of MM for later on tonight. I am shocked that she is not on stage holding his hand for this pic. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



NYC I hope you enjoy your stay in Sydney whilst covering IG. If you want to share with us any news regarding these 2 clowns feel free to submit an ask to me as I know you are to busy dealing with anons on tumblr who act like Children. I am more then happy to publish it on here and deal with them. Hope to hear from you soon.

love felix2001a❤️❤️❤️😊🙏👍


Samantha’s info on MM’s Pregnancy Issues.

Here is a screenshot from a good friend of JD here and on twitter that spoke to Samantha and received this information regarding her getting pregnant.
























Thank you JD and to this individual for allowing us to post this. Great info😊👍❤️🙏







Back on Monday!!!

Hi everyone. I will be back on Monday. I have a few things to attend to this weekend and won’t be able to answer your submissions. As always feel free to submit as we will continue to discussion on this circus as MM and Harry get ready to jet off to Sydney in a couple of weeks.




Hi everyone. Sorry couldn’t answer your submissions today. Had a massive day but will be answering them all tomorrow after I get home from work. So please continue submitting your asks as all submissions are important to finding out the real truth.