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NSW anon

Hi Felix,

Sorry but one last one for the night as I wanted to comment on the Trump visit without going in to Politics.

Whether people like Trump or not he is the democratically elected US President. He was representing the US to honour one of the greatest and most important days in history – D Day and the start of the liberation of Europe. That point seemed to be lost on some. This is always why the BRF must remain politically neutral, something the younger Royals need to learn;

Also, I wanted to know your take on Steve Mnuchin accompanying Kate to the Palace dinner. I seem to recall he was named by Enty as one of MMs pay for players. Very intriguing!


That’s ok NSW.

I agree there TRUMP has been elected to as the president and for the BRF to stay relevant they need t stay neutral when it comes to Politics. We know that Prince Charles has struggled with that in the past couple of years and it will be interesting to see when he gets to sit on the Throne what he will do regarding addressing Political Issues.

Now Regarding Enty. Enty has made many claims since the beginning of Harry and Meghan’s Relationship and before this many other celebrities. To date, I haven’t seen anything come true that Enty has published. Is it just me or can you agree with this? Enty might be good with Celebrities but this is the Royal Family and they work differently.

Now according to Steve Mnuchin been MM’s pay for Players is there any proof to that?


Have a great day NSW😊❤️🙏👍

nsw anon

Hi Felix,

I have been pondering the British press and their strategy. It has been quite brilliant. All familiar with the saga have been expecting, and some hoping, for a big bomb to drop. However, that strategy was just as likely to backfire with Harry and MM possibly gaining a lot of sympathy. There has instead been a coordinated strategy of gradual media exposure, with no way back for the Harkles unless they change their ways.

Pre and post wedding -sycophancy going beyond over exposure so everyone has had enough.

Post Pacific tour – Tales of Meghan the workplace bully forcing people to leave in tears and barking orders at 5am. We have all seen and/or experienced workplace bullies so that story/ media angle really resonated. It is an ongoing saga so people continue to dislike MM.

Me-gain Spenderella – At a time of doing it tough and political chaos fuelling insecurity, the Harkle extravaganza is very unpopular. Clueless Meghan fanned the flames with the baby shower frenzy followed up by the Clooney private jet.

Meghan the ghoster – Astute followers realised this early but Piers really revved it up a notch with tales of abandonment and interviewing Thomas. Once again Meghan only made matters worse by dragging her mystery friends in to gang up on Daddy, allowing Daddy to protect himself by showing MMs manipulative letter. There are too many other ghost victims to deny this narrative – MMs family, her husbands and her pre plastic surgery face.

My guess is the BRF saw this getting more damaging by the minute and the Markles may have received payoff. (with Thomas never being allowed to see the baby.)

Now we have social climber Meghan becoming Meghan desperately determined for a British rich guy. We’re not talking aristocrats or political movers and shakers, we’re talking reality stars and other low level celebs. So so embarrassing for Harry and I think this is the story that has finally pierced his thick skull.

Now that has died down we have unpatriotic Meghan, refusing to see Trump but celebrating the Queens birthday. Many Americans are expressing disgust and once again Piers article gets a big response. This may not help the Harkles’ US commercial aspirations.

No media bombs needed, just a steady stream of highlighting the latest Harkle silliness. Her PR is now helpless.


That’s the way I see it. All of a sudden the express is on the attack. Piers Morgan has been at it for a while as MM must of promised him the world when she met him in 2016 and failed to deliver and Katie Hopkins in her podcast criticised MM. So slowly we are seeing more negative coming out from the the tabs which praised her a few months ago.

Its only going to get better from here. So let’s enjoy the show.

thanks For the awesome post NSW😊❤️👍🙏

nsw anon

Hi Felix,

I hope all is well and not too cold in Melbourne.

I have been taking a break for a few weeks while MM on mat leave. Its been nice. Harry seems to be taking something of a break as well, getting away from MM as fast as he could after the baby was born.

To the anon asking about Harry dating, there was not only Sarah Macklin, he was also seen getting very cosy with a pretty blond girl in about July 2017 at the Killers concert in London. That was when we hadnt seen MM in a while.

Now we also know thanks to the British press that MM has been chasing a rich British guy for years, all while dating Cory. Followers of the saga already knew this but now the general public knows.

As an anon said, Harry followers on another blog were quite distressed that MM was at TTC. People should realise that BRF will suppot MM whilever she is with Harry. It doesnt mean that all is well behind the scenes.

I did note MM seems quite as isolated as usual in the family group, and seemed to be openly talking to herself as usual. It must be quite unnerving to witness it in person.


its good to see that you took a break from this boring drama as nothing has really happened apart from the state visit with Trump and now the Trooping.

Its freezing in Melbourne at the moment. We had a nice sunny day today but we are expecting heavy rain with strong winds tomorrow. I hope you are keeping warm as NSW weather is 100 times better all year round.

I agree MM didn’t look to happy from the pics which I saw of her standing on the balcony. I’m pretty sure that she wanted to be standing at the centre like last year but this year they where showed in the background.

True Harry was photographed talking to the blonde at the Killers concert in 2017 and if you remember NSW we got an article in the DM with MM back in Toronto returning to her house from the Suits set where she looked like she had been crying a lot.

Now regarding those certain blogs that where shocked that she was at trooping over the weekend. It blows my mind that they still haven’t caught on that MM is part of the BRF. You and I both know as long as MM is Harry’s wife she will be attending Royal family events like TTC and the BRF are going to support her like they have till date. As you stated above things might not be going well behind the scenes but the BRF are good at making things look rosy in the public eye.

Have a wonderful evening NSW😊🙏❤️👍

Dating others

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Express article this week that’s titled “Meghan Markle Shock claim:Duchess was not the only woman Harry was dating when they first met?” It also mentions briefly that Meghan may have still been with Cory when she started dating Harry.

On a side note, Meghan’s Mirror is promoting a bikini fit for a beach trip that looks remarkably like the bikini she was wearing at her beach parties when she married Trevor in 2011.




Hi, anon.

Here is the article. The Express has slowly turned its tune publishing info like this. I wonder what happened? They were praising MM before the wedding. Maybe they are not receiving info from MM’s PR team like they were. MM was Seeing Cory at the time they met back in 2016 but also Harry was in a short term relationship with Sarah Ann Macklin. She came out towards when the news broke and stated that it was over between Harry and her as the news broke about Harry dating Meghan. DM had published an article about this. There is a pic of her and a friend the day before the 2017 Audi Polo where they are holding a banana like a phone. It was aimed at MM as they were making fun of her.

I haven’t caught up with Meghan’s Mirror. But we know that MM is using them to sell fashion accessories which she has worn. I wouldn’t be surprised if that Bikini is from back in 2011 while she was with Trevor.

Have a great day anon😊👍❤️🙏

















Big Events.

Hi Felix. There are a few events coming up like Wimbledon and Royal Ascot. Do you think MM will attend any of them?


Hi, anon.

With Wimbledon, she will probably go with Kate like she did last year. I believe it’s going to be an annual event for both of them as Kate is the Royal Ambassador for Wimbledon. Now regarding Royal Ascot, it depends if Harry attends. He doesn’t attend every year but has attended in the last few. We shall wait and see. If he attends she will be there alongside him.

Have a great day anon😊❤️👍🙏


Meghan Markle at Trooping

Hi Felix. I visit other blogs which I won’t name but most stated that she was NOT going to be at Trooping this year. What’s up with that?

Hi, anon.

It clearly states that those Bloggers know very little about the British Royal family. Meghan is a member of the BRF meaning that all Members attend the annual Trooping of the Colour. So what makes MM so different that she wouldn’t attend? At the end of the day, she is legally Harry’s wife. Nothing has changed at the moment. Until then she will be seen with the Royals at big events.


Have a great day anon😊❤️🙏👍



Does anyone know if this is normal or if someone got the date wrong or something?
Trudeau celebrates Archie’s birthday on May 31, 2019?

Hi anon.

There date could be when the article was published but it is weird as Archie was born on May the 6th.

Have a great day and thank you for sharing.😊👍❤️🙏

What is going on

Are they are are they not splitting? Only the tabloids know?
Does she or does she not work for the queen? Who knows?
Is Harry a good guy or not a good guy? Depends who you are and what news source you believe
Is Meghan truly evil or flawed? are you a sugar or not?

View point: Lets wait for the RF or RR to let us know about the split and as well as the queen. Yes and No Harry is a good guy and Meghan is either evil or flawed. All of us have good points and bad points, all of us have growing experiences to learn from our mistakes and some of take a lot (and I do mean a lot) longer to grow up because of enabling parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and the pecking order we are in. WE should all realize that and let the two of them make their mistakes and maybe learn and grown from them or not. After all they don’t do our jobs, raise our families or pay our bills, they just embarass theirselves.

Hi anon.

tabloids speculate to sell articles. Only the Royals and the Foundation know if there is going to be a split and as DM stated The Royals alongside with Senior Members of the Foundations have refused to answer questions a the moment. So we have to wait and see what news will be announced by KP in the coming months, Maybe MM wants to take up Pole dancing and these joint engagements may be too much for her schedule.😂😂😂😂😂

Yes MM works for HM as she is part of the Royal Family.

I am a sugar? No, I was one of a few that kept on exposing MM from day one on the Daily Mail comment section and on Tumblr. So I am far far far from a sugar

Harry is a privileged IDIOT. He is a total screwup and the sad thing is that he knows it.

Quite True Anon we all have good and bad things and we all make mistakes. The Problem with MM is that she lied to the world that she is someone that she is not to get hitched to a royal and live the cushy life. I think it’s paying off on her because MM thought with this title that se would be on the news in a positive light but what we are seeing that she only gets a day mention in the media when she and Harry announce like the birth and at the moment she is getting negative press from all the tabs. She never thought life would lead to this…

Have a great day anon😊👍🙏❤️

foundation split

The latest from the DM, the Cambridges and Sussexes splitting: 

(If the link doesn’t show up, the Sussexes are splitting from the charity they were had with the Cambridges; viewable on the Daily Mail site.)

Hi anon. At the moment there is no word from the Palace regarding any split of the Royal Foundation. Lets wait and see if the palace will announce anything in the months to come. At the moment they are getting ready for the state Trump Visit so if anything is to be announced it will be when the RF return back to Engagements at the end of theSummer break.

Have a great day and thanks for sharing.