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Pub photos

Yay! It’s good to hear from you again Felix.

Well it seems the pub visit debacle is back. First we were given reports about the Sussexes at a pub during bank holiday. Then the pub reportedly said they’d not been there. Others saying they were. Now with people catching onto the Smart Works Scheme to make mien for themselves, we have photos surfacing that reportedly show them at the previously mentioned pub as originally reported. It looks staged again to be honest. Where the heck are the other patrons? Shouldn’t the pub have been packed on that day with people being ushered in and out at a fairly rapid pace? Where is the cot that Archie was supposedly in? I see what is supposed to be a baby carrier but no cot ( not that there really would have been a cot/crib brought to the pub). There are Harry and Meghan doubles so it could be them or the real ones on a set up pap walk to try and be legit.
Why did the photos not surface a few weeks ago when it was supposed to have taken place? Why did people check the meta data and fins Sept. 17, 2019? Why was the metadata erased from the photos as someone checked various sites to get the info and found it scrubbed from the photos?

And th have it all happen as Beatrice was at a leadership conference, Eugenie launching a cycling fundraising event from Great Windsor, their SA tour about to happen followed by the Cambridges’ tour and the US and British political scenes heating up?
Oh yeah… and lots of intel about George Clooney and even Ellen de Generes……
The Social media attacks are continuing as well.

Glad you’re back Felix. Looking forward to your thoughts on all this and much more.

Amazing Polly has found a lot of interesting info. as well on YouTube.

What a time to be living!

Hi , anon.

thank you and it’s good to be back. Regarding the pub as we have seen all the pics aren’t clear at all. Now there are a lot of Harry look-alikes out there. It could be them but we will need more pics to surface as Not one pic of MM taken of her from the front. Good question regarding the metadata. We have seen this from the beginning with metadata being erased from pics which makes it suspicious.

I haven’t heard anything about the Clooney Elen De Generous. I need to look that up and find out what is going on. Plus look at Amazing Poly info.

I agree, what wonderful time to be alive as we see this circus becoming a disaster.

Have  a wonderful day anon.😊🙏👍❤️




nsw anon

HI Felix, Great to see you back.

The Harkles pub trip photos just released on TMZ. Of course the pub was cleared out and pub previously denied they were there. Wonder who released the pics to TMZ?

Did u see the clip of Harry being introduced to the movie producer and saying first up – Meghan is available for roles? These 2 really are celeb desperate arent they.


Slowly returning back which is good. I have a lot of awesome submissions that I will be posting in the next few days including yours. I saw the pics from TMZ. The Pub stated that they didn’t visit So I guess if it’s them there MM leaked it. The problem is that the pics are blurry. From what I saw No pics of MM looking at the camera. and only one decent pic of what looks like Harry while entering the premises.

Regarding the producer, I didn’t hear anything. That is brilliant!! Does that mean that there is a divorce announcement coming up soon? As we all know that MM isn’t allowed to work whilst employed by the citizens of the UK. Or is Harry thinking about stepping down from Royal Duties and is trying to find his wife acting Work?  I can’t see this happening as we all know Harry loves these Royal Privileges.  He just loves whinging to the press.

Have a great day NSW😊❤️🙏👍



Harry does a masonic hand sign all the time. Family members are masons:


Mountbattens being exposed. When you did deeper. a fair bit seems to include this group as well as the illuminati, Satanists, etc… Many seem to believe that taking the innocence and such of youth gives them powers, long life, etc…

Some anti- Harry and Meghan fans think Ibiza didn’t happen either due to a lack of pictures. This place they stayed seems to be an advert.

The pro fans have an organized campaign going targeting antis to get them shut down on sm.

Harry, Meghan (and the pro faction) seem to blame everyone and everything except themselves for things not going well for them. They need to look in the mirror. The behavior and attitude is a big part of the problem.

Secrecy or privacy? Since Meghan had to be seen everywhere showing off herself and later herself with Harry and then “bump”, why hide themselves and “Archie” so much now? Doesn’t add up. Do they want privacy after all extroverted outings or is it secrecy since there are far too many questions about them and their meeting and the “baby” which so many think is a doll?

Pics of them (if really them) coming off the private jet and the pics and video of Andrew at Epstein’s in NY? So photographers just happen to be in these places? It seems like they were set ups. The ladies in Andrew’s video did not seem to be children. Who are they? Where are the rest of the pics of this trip to France? Who is the lady in what looks like an apron getting off the jet? Why the Panama hat yet again? The baby seems to be in virtuallt the same position as at polo.

I don’t think The Queen and Andrew at Balmoral was “support”. It’s a normal activity for them and not just at Balmoral.

There must be a huge blackmail power play going on for all this to be playing out.

If sm existed back in the Diana/Fergie days, it would have been them getting all things negative thrown at them from pro and anti fans and the media. Just look how much Eugenie and Beatrice are still insulted and degraded seemingly mostly because of who their parents are.

Trump is supposed to be back in the UK in December.

If this is a “quiet” summer vacation period for the BRF, I think it bodes badly for things starting next month when they will be back to work….

Oh, the pro group is trying to get Madame Tussaud’s license revoked for moving Meghan to the celeb group.
Seriously, they seem to be trying to copyright and trademark everything associated with Harry and Meghan. Take their titles away and let them go for it. Then we can all forget about them as they go off and try to make money every which way the can think of.
Articles are being removed, even from the wayback machine. Why? What don’t they want us to see or read? Many people have items from The Tig. Same for the articles. Is this why tumblr and wordpress will be coming under the same ownership so they can delete them all?

Just for the heck of it, since there’s another article about them wanting Windsor Castle (after Adelaide House, York Lodge, Frogmore House, a country home in the Cotswolds), I remember reading about Nott Cott. It is a two bedroom 1,324 sq ft. home. Surely they could have managed to live there comfortably as William, Catherine, and George did until they moved?

Is Harry just acting out as “the spare” like Andrew?

Hi, anon,

Awesome post and thank you for bringing this to us. It’s all about money as Harry alongside Meghan are both trying to bank of Archie. That’s why they are playing the privacy game. At the moment they aren’t making as much as they expected.

Have a great day anon😊❤️👍🙏


Who isn’t involved?

At this point it seems it’s easier to ask who isn’t involved in Epstein’s activities.

Do we think Sarah’s work with Children in Crisis which has merged with StreetChild UK and the York family Key to Freedom Foundation are covers or part of this trafficking? Beatrice’s work with Affiniti in NY? Eugenie’s anti slavery work? Julia supposedly works at Affiniti as well. Didn’t Tony Blair also recently go to work for the company?

If Meghan really did “shag” Andrew before Inskip and Harry, it seems she is up to her ears in this mess as much as the others. Lots of tidbits leaking out now. Will her scrubbed history suddenly be reinstated? As she isn’t a British citizen, she would not keep her royal title yet. I think she has to be “married” for three years for that.

There are far too many versions of her life out there.

Charles has a number of links to this as well. Lord Mountbatten, Jimmy Savile, and Peter Ball (think that’s his name) to start with. Where does he figure in?

Those celebs who recently spoke out for the Sussexes are all represented by CAA. Hmm.

Then, there are all those in the Epstein’s book and travel logs, including Elton John (who wasn’t that close to Diana).

It seems many are just covering for each other as they are all in the same boat.

What of the drugs and alcohol that Meghan and Harry supposedly like so much? Is that an angle? How many were perhaps duped when they were engaging in s*x and then found that during it the person was switched with an underage victim?
What is the end game? Is this just the Elite families duking it out to be top dog? Is this to move the NWO agenda forward more quickly?

The Sussex fans should back off. If this social media existed back in the 80’s and 90’s, we would have seen just as much, and likely even more, pro and anti groups going at each other with Diana, Charles, Camilla, Sarah, Andrew. John B., etc….

Hi, anon.

Great post. I agree there is a lot that is going to come out the months ahead. A lot of people are involved and linked to this but they won’t be able to stay anonymous for too long as the Epstein case continues.. Exactly if Social media existed 20 years ago we would have the same as we have now as it’s called freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Have a great day anon😊❤️🙏👍




Cressida has gotten engaged to Harry Wentworth-Stanley.
We might seem some Harry and Meghan in response to it.

And, there is some video footage from Getty images from the polo match outing of Meghan, Archie, Catherine and children making the rounds on IG.

Hi, anon.

Yes, Cressida did get engaged. It’s going to be interesting to see if Harry is going to attend the wedding with Meghan? It’s going to be uncomfortable for both if they do decide to attend. Regarding the Polo match, there were pics of Meghan holding Archie and she got scrutinized by many on how she was Holding Archie.. There was even a pic of Harry not looking to Happy as he was pointing his finger towards her.

Have a great day anon😊🙏❤️👍



Back Soon.

Hi everyone,

I will be back in a couple of days. Just been busy with work and life and haven’t had a chance to be on here. Keep the submissions coming in as everything will be answered and published. A lot is happening in this circus at the moment and these are interesting times.

love felix😊🙏👍❤️



Well, it seems dominos are falling. Trudeau and his govt. are in deep trouble with an election looming. Brexit ticking down, the U.S. elections heating up, the Epstein mess, Hollywood looking worse by the day.

Hi, anon.

Everything is happening at the moment and a lot of investigations are still conducted on the Epstein case. The UK media is slightly poking at Andrew and his involvement with Epstein over the years. I haven’t been in touch with Canada’s politics but it must be serious that Trudeau has a big chance of losing the next election. Keep watching as more is coming out day by day.

have a great day anon😊🙏❤️👍



Well the pro Sussex fans are saying they didn’t go to Ibiza.
There are articles with some grainy pics that are supposed to be them going to France with Archie. No movement from the baby yet. Dressed warmly as well. Isn’t it summer there?

So, what is going on? Intentionally misleading royal reporters and the general public? To what end? Who is behind it?
If allegations are true, Andrew, Sarah, Harry, Meghan, and others are going to be on the trash heap. Forget making money off this mess. People are totally revolted by such actions against children and aren’t going to show any sympathy. If with adults, it’s still appalling and sinful behavior.

Hi, anon.

It was reported by the media that they traveled to Ibiza and now using a private Jet in the same week to travel out of the UK. What I do love about the media is them calling out the Sussexe’s for wanting privacy whilst still spending UK taxpayers money to take these luxurious trips which aren’t work-related. Now the movement of the child we can’t see due to them being still pictures. To determine that we would all need to see video footage.

I totally agree with you. Take them all to the trash heap as they are all making money off this and many people like you and I are sick of this circus

Have  a great day anon😊👍🙏❤️


pics of H&M

There are a couple of grainy pics of Harry and Meghan with “Archie” coming out of what looks to be a private jet that are viewable on IG. Still no movement from “Archie”.

JD’s posted a bunch of blinds from CDAN. Things don’t look good for a whole lot of people….Drain the Swamp

Hi, anon.

Yes it has been reported that Harry and Meghan have used that private Jet in the same week. They are grainy but as we see it’s clearly them.

Regarding the CDAN blinds, correct it doesn’t look good for a lot of people but I am yet to see anything from these CDAN blinds come out true. So we have to wait and see.


Have a great day anon. Here are the pics😊🙏❤️👍










































Sussex fans

Well they are really piling it on. Putting PIs and plants in with the royal reporters, making a list of all her accomplishments pre- Harry, videos to show “racism” card against her, this student stuff on the upcoming tour, etc.

jhnijuAs far as we know, there was no international studies degree offered when she was attending NWU. She apparently has a Bachelor’s degree from the School of Communications. There are no known pictures of her attending her graduation from NWU in her cap and gown. Ones seen online are not from NWU. Why NWU? Possibly because Diana attended there to help the university and was seen wearing an NWU sweatshirt?

Her uncle helped her get the internship and she apparently failed the test.

People said the French she spoke in Morocco was basic high school level.

Her “calligraphy” may actually exist, but what we have seen in letters she’s written posted on line are not calligraphy. They are cursive with some fancy flourishes in a few places.
Her humanitarian work was very limited as was her UN speech that gave a different version of her soap commercial.
Her pay on Suits was likely in the $10k-$15k per episode based on numbers we’ve heard. then you subtract taxes, agents and management fees, etc. The house in Toronto was a furnished rental from the Suits team as part of her paycheck.
She did lots of traveling to places. How did she pay for these? Were they merching engagements?
How did she pay for things prior to Suits as her work was very limited and at standard pay levels.
She absolutely knew who Harry was prior to their meeting. A number of examples exist that attest to this.
When exactly did she meet Harry? Who introduced them?

I think the point has been made.

So we move along to an objective standard which some on both the pro and anti sides agree with. Christianity.
It has come up again with someone saying Meghan has authority and commanded the stage so to speak just like Jesus spoke with authority against the Pharisees and all that.
Well, they need to step back and look at things through the prism of real Christianity. The one from God who gave many Commandments that must be obeyed if you want to go to heaven.
To that end, again, Harry and Meghan are committing adultery. Period. Marital relations are only allowed between husband and wife during their marriage. Anything else is fornication or adultery. In other words, hell awaits. The same applies to everyone else such as Andrew’s actions, Tim and Anne, Charles and Camilla, Diana with Dodi and others, etc….That is God’s view.
With the steady stream of horrible offensive behaviours coming out of Hollywood, from politicians, in schools, etc… they really need to stand back and see the big picture. The world is a cesspool of filth and corruption against God’s Laws. Their continued support of Harry and Meghan’s relationship makes them complicit in Harry and Meghan’s serial adultery and prevents them all from attaining heaven.
The same goes for all the other violations of God’s Commandments happening basically 24/7/365 for millenia by nearly everyone, themselves included.
The puppet masters are counting on us being useful idiots in implementing and furthering their plans. It’s going brilliantly for them. So many lost to hell for eternity.
If they are Christians as they say, they need to evaluate things from God’s perspective (which has absolutely nothing to do with racism). Then perhaps they’ll see this is all a waste of time and actually harmful and instead turn to doing God’s Will and obeying His Commandments so they can attain the Beatific Vision which we have all been created for.
Sorry to bring this up again, but people really need to see that those in charge are hell bent on destroying absolutely everything which is happening at an ever increasing pace. Civilization, mankind, humanity are in their death throes at present.
Think of it this way: A frog in a pot of boiling water will jump out immediately as it knows that is something that will kill it while a frog in a pot of water that is slowly heated to boiling will trick the frog as it won’t sense the danger usually until it’s too late. Most people are the frog in the pot slowly heated.
That is where people are with the Harry and Meghan show- the water slowly heated. Unfortunately.


Hi, anon.

Quite true. Regarding Adultery between Harry and Meghan, we can’t say anything as we have no evidence. Unlike Charles who admitted it in an interview many years ago before he and Diana divorced. We know Meghan has committed adultery in the past as in 2011 when he joined Suits whilst she was married she had a relationship with a hockey player. But saying that it wouldn’t surprise me if they are both committing adultery at the moment on each other. We just have to wait and see if anything comes out in the future.

I still can’t believe that her minion are still pushing racism. That is so old and didn’t work in the past let alone the future.

Have a great day anon.😊❤️🙏👍