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There’s a blind saying Meghan is planning to charge for appearances on the tour of Africa.

Also her fans seem to be implying some kind of students for Africa plan.

Back to the other names starting to be revealed.

I don’t think Harry would be involved in those events due to when they occurred. He would have been too young I think. There is still another prince being mentioned in addition to Andrew.

I think we’re in for a lot of sick stuff from many people that were idolized.
Podesta Art and Maria Abramovic kind of things I think may even show up.

Strange report from the coroner’s office. What is that about?

Hi, anon.

Iย  haven’t seen the coroners report. I have to go and check it out. I agree about Harry’s involvement in this but we all know Andrew is guilty. It could be Charles? but hope this investigation tears up everything and everyone involved gets exposed fir these sickening crimes.

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Epstein is supposedly dead. We shall see if he really is or if some kind of switcheroo/witness protection scenario happened. Many are saying witness protection while many are also claiming he was arkansided (as the Clintons seem to do a lot).
The case can still go forward apparently and things can still be put forth so we’ll see how this plays out.

There are many names and connections becoming known such as all the connections Sara Latham has with the Clintons, Obamas, and Epstein. Ditto for Lindsay Roth and family. Meghan is in the mix as well. Harry is possibly just like Andrew.

While we wait to see where things go from here in these regards, where is this paternity issue regarding Andrew coming from? Why now? For those who haven’t heard, there is a rumor making the rounds that The Queen cheated on Philip with Lord Porchester which resulted in Andrew being born.

Also, some think Meghan is in a pic with Andrew and others on Epstein’s yacht. From what I have read, it is a woman named Alexandra Escat. There was an article about nine years ago that talks about this. She looks to be the woman to me. It doesn’t look like Meghan to me.

OT-Since when is Scobie the official channel for royal announcements?

Any thoughts or clarifications on what I’ve posted or others are posting? I still think this is all a distraction.

Hi anon.

I believe that he actually took his own life knowing of what was going to be revealed to the world with this trial and further investigations and the rest of the powerful people who were involved in these sickening crimes.. The pressure got to him and that was the easy way out for him.

Regarding this pic of Meghan being on a yacht with Andrew, I have never heard of this pic. The only pic I have seen is Meghan on a yacht whilst she was with a wealthy from Spain and that is why there are no records that she never graduated. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Meghan was an escort on one of Epstein’s yachts.

We all know that Scobie gets his info straight from Meghan and it doesn’t surprise me that he has that gig.

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Harry hung out at the google camp event. While being eco conscious and telling all of us about how horrible we are and need to take care of the environment, these attendees were flying in on private jets, whizzing around on huge yachts, etc. all of which probably caused a huge amount of damage to the environment they claim to care so much about. Apparently with them it is all “do as we say not as we do” while they make loads of money from the PR stunts.

I think Eugenie’s approach was more sensible. Try to reduce your personal and family usage of plastics, specifically single use ones, as much as possible.

Since this is about saving the planet, the earth as we know it is supposed to end. Back to Christianity we go such as “heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word…” or “I shall be with you all days even to the consummation of the world…” , etc. In other words, the planet as we know it is supposed to end . (Care and don’t intentionally screw over huge portions of the planet as you need it to survive at present, but don’t go overboard trying to save it either.) Current projects and legislations at the governmental levels are just money and power grabs.

Meghan has many connections such as with Weinstein, Ratner, and Mnuchin according to rumors.
She posted being at St. Bart’s at a hotel (owned by Pippa’s in laws) in 2014.
She also posted pics of her with Gabor Jurina in early 2016 for her Worldvision thing. He worked for/with Jean-Luc Brunel’s MC2 agency in Miami.
This Plan International they just chose for their IG follow has counts of child abuse against employees. Wasn’t it Worldvision that also had abuse claims leveled against employess.
It seems no matter which person you choose to look into, they have connections that keep intermingling with everyone else.
We can’t forget Epstein’s brother Mark who has serious connections.

What a dark immoral world these people spend their time in. It’s time for the truth to shine its light on all these horrible things. I hope we get some of it soon.

Now we wait to see who/what beneficiaries there are for all of Epstein’s monies/properties. Supposedly a couple of his money men have lawyered up.

Have to include this. Some think Epstein was CIA or Mossad or something. Some now say perhaps Andrew was a spook and this is their payback for him messing something up.

Hi, anon.

totally agree. They are all corrupt. We will see how far this investigation is going to go now that Epstein was successful in taking his own life under a suicide watch. What I heard on the news is that they will continue the investigation but doesn’t surprise me as what you stated above that everyone involved in this lawyering up.

Let the truth come out as that’s what we all want to see.

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In seeing all the false stories from Hollywood, I did a bit of googling.
According to the Beard Club (see twitter), Amal Clooney, Heidi Klum, Sarah Ferguson, and Meghan Markle are/were beards for homosexual men (yes that includes Andrew and Harry and Trevor). It swings the other way, too.
Adam Bidwell is Harry’s love. There are many many names on their list.

Since PR sets up faux romances/marriages/families for celebs, this is not out of the realm of possibility.
Does anyone have any knowledge/proof of these assertions? It would certainly explain a fair bit of what we’ve been seeing play out.

Could Meghan’s birthday of 4 August play into this? Obama has questions about his birth and history as well, born on 4 August. Both the same birthdate as the late Queen Mother (4 August 1900-30 March 2002). Coincidence?

Again, we’re looking for the truth.

And, Happy Birthday to Princess Beatrice.

Hi, anon.

Most of these are rumors that have been around for a while but no evidence to prove any of these are true. Plus as we see Trevor Englestein has recently remaried. I am not counting anything out on what you have stated above but we need some solid proof which is pretty hard to get.

Happy Birthday goes out to Princess Beatrice..

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H&M are continuing to milk Diana’s legacy.

Accusations against Andrew are as expected.

A petition to have H&M’s lifestyle defunded is having signatures removed.

Politics are heating.

Why? What has been planned?

Hi, anon.

That’s the big question. What is the plan and why are signatures being removed from the petition??? Who is behind all this? But as you and I see they are both milking Diana’s legacy.

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Meghan’s age

Can you clarify Meghan’s age for us?
I’ve read .Samantha Markle said .Meghan was 15 years younger than her. As she is 54 and a half at present (born .November. 1964), that means .Meghan was born in 1979 making her 40. But, articles from Ninaka Priddy and others gave ages that were then changed to younger ages. other places have her age and birthdate differently so that she’s reported to be anywhere from 51 to 38.

Adding to that, no one seems to be able to pin down the soap commercial or Linda Elkerbie interview with her. Supposedly she was interviewed at home for the show, but there isn’t any footage online;only a group setting with her classmates. Where is the footage of the classmates talking?

She also gives different accounts that don’t add up either. The LA RIiots were Apiril/May 1992. Gloria Allred didn’t make splash until Nov 1992 and Hilary wasn’t First Lady of the U. S. until Jan. 1993 when Bill was inaugurated. So many things just not adding up. I’ve also never seen her in her Northwestern U. cap and gown which are required attire for graduation. Someone went back through Northwestern ‘s courses from that time and they didn’t offer a degree in International Studies the so how could shge have a degree in that?
Any answers or clarifications are greatly appreciated. Thank you๐Ÿ˜€

Hi, anon.

You are correct. No one can clarify her age as many stories have been told. It appears that she could be in her early forties after what her sister said about her being 15 years younger than her at the age of 54. False info from a lot of people

Now regarding the interview about the soap commercial and the letter sent to Hillary Clinton back in 1992 we had found out that it was a class project and MM made it out that it was solely her that wrote and sent the letter. I remember having the video on my old blog.

Again regarding Northwestern, she was listed to that degree as we found out but she was not on the list for students graduating in the year she claims. Now I believe that was the year she went off to Spain with an older man as there is a pic of her on a yacht and another on a balcony of her looking out at the Mediterranean.

She has managed to hide a lot of things as she was getting ready for the statement to come out in 2016 from the palace as she knew that the media will dig up dirt on her.

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DanjA zone

This is about a post on your tumbler. Sorry I don’t know how to post a link up, the video is titled ” They used us as props: Duchess discounts charity w/phone fashion line. It’s on YouTube.
The fashion line is she’s going to make some high-end clothes with Misha Nonoo to sell. Anytime a piece is purchased from that line, a cheap piece is given at Smart Works. Someone also was selected to come to Smart Works on the day Meghan was there. It was a photoshoot for Meghan with everyone being told to keep out of the way and not speak to her. The lady did get her two hours of consultation and two bags/pieces of clothing which she was grateful for, but she now understands the critics off . Meghan having experienced her poor behavior and attitude for herself.

Hi, anon.

Thanks for sharing this with me. I didn’t know anything about this but doesn’t surprise me as she and Misha are great friends. As you mentioned above Meghan has a very bad behavior as she has shown that everywhere she has gone. I wonder why everyone who attended was asked not to speak to her? Where they trying to keep her behavior hidden???

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Another point of view

Hi anon. Thanks for sharing, It says “Meghanโ€™s list reflects the shallow aspirations of a social justice warrior. What about women really trying to change the world?” It should be “Meghanโ€™s list reflects the shallow aspirations of a social climber. What about women really trying to change the world?”

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Clintons and Obama

Obama was a no show at the Google climate talks. Darn. Perhaps it has something to do with the Clintons as Bill is apparently under arrest with authorities looking for Hilary to arrest her.

Read the tweet from the following account:
โ€ @ReIncarnatedET

7:45 AM – 1 Aug 2019 tweeted time and date stating Bill under arrest. Military court. Hilary being sought quietly. Chelsea in shock. Dan Coats fired with Ratcliffe taking over officially August 15.
Legit sources. Others links are listed as well.

As JD and friends say, drain the swamp.

Hi anon.

Could be. I haven’t heard anything about this but we all know that the Clinton’s where very close to Epstien and visited the island. Everybody is getting investigated as this case goes on. So I wouldn’t be surprised at that. But News of anyone like Bill being arrested hasn’t hit Australia. Let’s wait and see.

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Vogue pic question

It looks to me like Meghan is reaching too far when she’s bending down in the heels and the white dress with the bow on it in the Vogue promos. She also seems to be just on the balls of her feet with the heels off the ground. Is it just me or is that actually her pose? We’re supposed to believe that’s real? I’m sorry but if that’s real how on earth did she get into that position in that tight of a dress (I cringe looking at it as it seems to me it’s going to tear at any moment) when so far along (with supposed baby bump) in those high heels while only on the balls of her feet, with her legs together and leaning forward and reaching too far from her body and not have help or fall? (I’ve had six pregnancies by the way.)

Hi, anon.

As we know anon. she will get into any pose when cameras are around her. It’s all about getting in the frame for Markle.

Have a great day anon.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘