Someone posted a shot they captured from wiki. Her date of death was listed as 18 August 2019. They went to check their clock and came back to wiki and that was gone. This was on Skippy’s tumblr.

Another false alarm or distraction? Something being planned?

Hi, anon.

I don’t know anything about this story. I wouldn’t trust anything that goes up on wiki as it can be modified by other people. We had seen this with Meghan and Jessica’s Wiki pages as thy kept on changing info on a daily basis in 2016 and 2017.

Let’s wait and see if anything will be reported but I agree it’s pretty weird.

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“new” titles

Why are people making a big deal of the Sussexes names whey they are in Scotland?
Don’t basically all the working royals have Scottish titles that are used when they visit there?
So the Sussexes using their titles (of Dumbarton) there is normal procedure and another pointless PR story.

Hi, anon.

Quite true, they have always had titles o I wouldn’t have a clue why people are making a big deal about this. Is it because some people like their fans want Harry and Meghan to be celebrities rather than Royals???

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If you check out @TheHimmmm on twitter you’ll find info on Ghislaine and Epstein mess (three part article).

This regarding Trump’s UK visit and Meghan:

4chan had a post about Epstein’s death approx. 40 minutes before it was made public. Now they have to investigate that to see who did that.

Harry. Meghan, and Archie supposedly had a holiday in Ibiza,

Pro Sussex fans are going to avoid having anything to do with the antis including the media.

The connections that keep coming out about all these people….it’s always “who you know”, isn’t it?

There’s footage on youtube of the FBI going through Epstein’s property on his island. A drone is watching them and they eventually cover the windows so the drone can’t see. (The article about GM and JE mentions he owned yet another island which people are guessing is likely Venezuela or Cuba.)

So much for a quiet month with the royals on vacation and people in the U.S. on summer vacation.

Hi, anon.

A lot of things are happening at the moment and it’s quite tru it’s who you know in this world. It was reported that the FBI was at Epstein’s island doing their investigations but doesn’t surprise me if Epstein has another few islands which none of us know. I didn’t hear about the drone but that’s interesting.

It’s quite interesting to see that 4chan had a post 40 minutes before Epstein’s death was revealed. The only people who would have known are the prison guards and a few high profiles. I would also love to know who that person is who posted on 4 chan.

Regarding the Sussexe’s having a holiday in Ibiza it was mentioned but no pics have emerged. If they did go I am shocked that MM didn’t call her paps to get some family time pics to show the world.

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elephant pic

That elephant pic that they posted on their IG has reappeared again.
It is believed that the man and woman in the picture are actually Dr. Mike Chase and Dr. Amanda Salb.

Can anyone confirm who actually is in that picture?

OT-if you can post without infringement, here’s one of the pics people think may include Meghan and Andrew. If not, perhaps you can find one that’s ok to show now that you know about it.

Also making the rounds is the George Clooney introduced Meghan to Andrew and Sarah years ago. How many ways are these people connected?


Hi, anon.

Here is the pic of Andrew?? on the yacht.










As we see from the pic above that woman standing is NOTMeghan. Plus when was this pic even taken????

Second pic πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡









The way I see it is that if MM was connected to people in Toronto through Suits and Soho house. Now the only way she would be connected through Clooney to meet people like Andrew would have been as an escort which again there is no substantial evidence of this.

The Pic of the Elephant.

















Look it Looks like Harry in the pic above but the woman is NOT Meghan. You need a trained professional to be standing that close to an Elephant’s tusks and mouth even if it’s temporally being put to sleep. Meghan isn’t a trained professional and let’s be realistic she wouldn’t even go 10 feet close to an animal of that size. Do you remember the Royal event they both attended last year with the Pony and Meghan stepping back because of her fear?



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Pics are taken from:


new PR

It seems that the PR Life Write person is or was in London. Onto the next phase of a project.
The pro Meghan/Harry crowd are talking about plants and private investigators in the royal reporter/British media pool.

Do they realize the connections that Lindsay Roth and Sara Latham have to this mess with Epstein, Clintons, Obamas, etc.? Not saying they explicitly did anything wrong, but they do have connections such as Sara being in Epstein’s black book apparently.

There are just so many connections, twists, and turns involved in all of this. The truth is so much simpler.

And it’s all going to send them to hell if they don’t sort themselves out before their judgements by God. See the Ten Commandments as discussed briefly in a previous post.

Has Meghan been looking heavy to make a deal about a weight loss book/program ala Sarah Ferguson? Her weight has seemingly fluctuated a fair bit over the years based on the pics avaiable online.

The Epstein death story keeps changing now. He died while on suicide watch. No really possible. then we heard he’d been taken off suicide watch. Where was his supposed cell mate? Then he was being guarded but they didn’t follow procedure and check on him every thirty minutes, but that doesn’t fit the suicide watch info we’ve heard.

Round and round we go. Balmoral up next as it’s a Sunday there and time for church and shooting (opens today I think).

What next?

Hi, anon.

Great post as your post before. As you stated they are all connected in some way or another through friends but as we see Harry and Meghan are making fools out of themselves and the media has begun to ask questions whilst publicizing negative articles on them. I haven’t heard about this weight loss book program but again nothing surprises me about her. Always trying to promote herself like a celebrity then do her royal duty.

Regarding Epstein, it was reported here on the news that he was on Suicide watch an now the FBI has been called in to investigate how was he able to commit Suicide.

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Philip supposedly just went to Balmoral so Sarah left.
Now this strange thing someone on twitter posted from a board…

Royal Funeral Imminent
I work in British press and we’ve just got notice of what is called a “BRIDGE” event. We don’t know who it is yet, but we’re told that a Royal Funeral is being prepped to be held 8 days after the announcement of the death. Speculation is its Prince Philip, The Queen, or Prince Andrew the Pedo. Screencap this.

False info or some truth? Perhaps Philip went early because his health is that poor although it seems strange that he’d be traveling. Very strange things happening.

Hi, anon.

WOW!!! this is quite interesting and we have to wait and see if it’s true. If this is true you would think that it’s Prince Philip due to his age as the ueen was photographed with Andrew going to Church. Let’s wait and see if any news will ome out in the next couple of days.

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There’s a blind saying Meghan is planning to charge for appearances on the tour of Africa.

Also her fans seem to be implying some kind of students for Africa plan.

Back to the other names starting to be revealed.

I don’t think Harry would be involved in those events due to when they occurred. He would have been too young I think. There is still another prince being mentioned in addition to Andrew.

I think we’re in for a lot of sick stuff from many people that were idolized.
Podesta Art and Maria Abramovic kind of things I think may even show up.

Strange report from the coroner’s office. What is that about?

Hi, anon.

IΒ  haven’t seen the coroners report. I have to go and check it out. I agree about Harry’s involvement in this but we all know Andrew is guilty. It could be Charles? but hope this investigation tears up everything and everyone involved gets exposed fir these sickening crimes.

Have a great day anonπŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€οΈπŸ‘



Epstein is supposedly dead. We shall see if he really is or if some kind of switcheroo/witness protection scenario happened. Many are saying witness protection while many are also claiming he was arkansided (as the Clintons seem to do a lot).
The case can still go forward apparently and things can still be put forth so we’ll see how this plays out.

There are many names and connections becoming known such as all the connections Sara Latham has with the Clintons, Obamas, and Epstein. Ditto for Lindsay Roth and family. Meghan is in the mix as well. Harry is possibly just like Andrew.

While we wait to see where things go from here in these regards, where is this paternity issue regarding Andrew coming from? Why now? For those who haven’t heard, there is a rumor making the rounds that The Queen cheated on Philip with Lord Porchester which resulted in Andrew being born.

Also, some think Meghan is in a pic with Andrew and others on Epstein’s yacht. From what I have read, it is a woman named Alexandra Escat. There was an article about nine years ago that talks about this. She looks to be the woman to me. It doesn’t look like Meghan to me.

OT-Since when is Scobie the official channel for royal announcements?

Any thoughts or clarifications on what I’ve posted or others are posting? I still think this is all a distraction.

Hi anon.

I believe that he actually took his own life knowing of what was going to be revealed to the world with this trial and further investigations and the rest of the powerful people who were involved in these sickening crimes.. The pressure got to him and that was the easy way out for him.

Regarding this pic of Meghan being on a yacht with Andrew, I have never heard of this pic. The only pic I have seen is Meghan on a yacht whilst she was with a wealthy from Spain and that is why there are no records that she never graduated. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Meghan was an escort on one of Epstein’s yachts.

We all know that Scobie gets his info straight from Meghan and it doesn’t surprise me that he has that gig.

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Harry hung out at the google camp event. While being eco conscious and telling all of us about how horrible we are and need to take care of the environment, these attendees were flying in on private jets, whizzing around on huge yachts, etc. all of which probably caused a huge amount of damage to the environment they claim to care so much about. Apparently with them it is all “do as we say not as we do” while they make loads of money from the PR stunts.

I think Eugenie’s approach was more sensible. Try to reduce your personal and family usage of plastics, specifically single use ones, as much as possible.

Since this is about saving the planet, the earth as we know it is supposed to end. Back to Christianity we go such as “heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word…” or “I shall be with you all days even to the consummation of the world…” , etc. In other words, the planet as we know it is supposed to end . (Care and don’t intentionally screw over huge portions of the planet as you need it to survive at present, but don’t go overboard trying to save it either.) Current projects and legislations at the governmental levels are just money and power grabs.

Meghan has many connections such as with Weinstein, Ratner, and Mnuchin according to rumors.
She posted being at St. Bart’s at a hotel (owned by Pippa’s in laws) in 2014.
She also posted pics of her with Gabor Jurina in early 2016 for her Worldvision thing. He worked for/with Jean-Luc Brunel’s MC2 agency in Miami.
This Plan International they just chose for their IG follow has counts of child abuse against employees. Wasn’t it Worldvision that also had abuse claims leveled against employess.
It seems no matter which person you choose to look into, they have connections that keep intermingling with everyone else.
We can’t forget Epstein’s brother Mark who has serious connections.

What a dark immoral world these people spend their time in. It’s time for the truth to shine its light on all these horrible things. I hope we get some of it soon.

Now we wait to see who/what beneficiaries there are for all of Epstein’s monies/properties. Supposedly a couple of his money men have lawyered up.

Have to include this. Some think Epstein was CIA or Mossad or something. Some now say perhaps Andrew was a spook and this is their payback for him messing something up.

Hi, anon.

totally agree. They are all corrupt. We will see how far this investigation is going to go now that Epstein was successful in taking his own life under a suicide watch. What I heard on the news is that they will continue the investigation but doesn’t surprise me as what you stated above that everyone involved in this lawyering up.

Let the truth come out as that’s what we all want to see.

Have a great day anon.πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€οΈπŸ‘




In seeing all the false stories from Hollywood, I did a bit of googling.
According to the Beard Club (see twitter), Amal Clooney, Heidi Klum, Sarah Ferguson, and Meghan Markle are/were beards for homosexual men (yes that includes Andrew and Harry and Trevor). It swings the other way, too.
Adam Bidwell is Harry’s love. There are many many names on their list.

Since PR sets up faux romances/marriages/families for celebs, this is not out of the realm of possibility.
Does anyone have any knowledge/proof of these assertions? It would certainly explain a fair bit of what we’ve been seeing play out.

Could Meghan’s birthday of 4 August play into this? Obama has questions about his birth and history as well, born on 4 August. Both the same birthdate as the late Queen Mother (4 August 1900-30 March 2002). Coincidence?

Again, we’re looking for the truth.

And, Happy Birthday to Princess Beatrice.

Hi, anon.

Most of these are rumors that have been around for a while but no evidence to prove any of these are true. Plus as we see Trevor Englestein has recently remaried. I am not counting anything out on what you have stated above but we need some solid proof which is pretty hard to get.

Happy Birthday goes out to Princess Beatrice..

Have a great day anonπŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€οΈπŸ‘